Lyric video – is a music video clip, where you may find animated words of the song, synced to the music. First lyric videos looked really simple (if you watch them now :), but it was pretty fresh and new for that time. A lot of bands and musicians got a desire to get their lyrics animated in a similar way. And there it has been started. In the beginning, there were just lyrics over a texture. But with the time, lyric videos transformed into little movies.

Well, of course, you may see a lot of lyric videos now. And looks like they all are so different! But generally, all lyric videos may be divided into a couple of categories:

Lyrics over a video footage

Lyrics over pictures, textures, solids

Lyrics over CGI (3D models background)

Words’ animations may also vary. It may have:

  • a) Zero animations, just an appearance, simple fade-ins
  • b) Advanced appearance (smooth, with motion, with bounces)
  • c) Animation may be done with camera directly on texts. Additional point to (a) and (c), ’cause they may be combined

All other “types” are just combinations of these elements.

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